Sneak preview given to LTM volunteers.

London Transport Museum volunteers have been the first to ride on the newly reopened LTMR.

London Transport Museum volunteers became the first people to ride on the newly relaunched LTMR ahead of the depot open weekend on September 22nd and 23rd.

Rides were given to LTM Volunteers at the annual ‘Thank You’ event hosted at the museum depot at Acton.  Members of the museum friends and the museum director were all on hand to examine the railway and welcome it back into operation ahead of the open weekend.

‘Sarah Siddons’ ran up and down the line all evening, making special drops at a station most of our passengers aren’t usually allowed to alight at, ‘Ealing End’.  Sarah was also sporting her brand new cushion made from old Metropolitan line ‘A-Stock’ moquette, giving the drivers a much more comfortable ride.

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