A Carriage Shed for the LTMR

The LTMR is very privileged to be based at the home of the London Transport Museum Depot in Acton.  At the moment, all our vehicles are stored within the museum depot when the railway is not in use.  The problem with this is the weight of the carriages and locos, which have to be hauled out from storage each time the railway is run.  The weight is deceptive and they’re incredibly heavy, usually taking around three of four people to lift onto the track and rail.  All this also costs time and potentially risks damaging the coaches and locomotives, which would cost a great deal to repair should be become damaged, especially on a depot open weekend.

As we have modernised the signalling system on the LTMR, we have repurposed the old signalling cabin as a temporary carriage shed (see image above).  This enables us to store a small selection of our heavy trains in a safe and secure location, meaning the lifting and potential damage to both rolling stock (and staff) is greatly reduced.

The LTMR aims to build a fully purposed carriage shed before the summer of 2019.

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