September 2018 Work Party

On Saturday September 29th, dramatic changes were made around the former signal box, paving the way for a new carriage shed and giving an exciting and uncluttered new look at the same time. Extensive group work was done which included filling a hole with hardcore and removal of several large weeds which had taken deep root by the railway.  This made conditions around the former signal box much safer for staff walking around the general area, although we’re sad to report it did make one frog and several spiders homeless as a result.
Alongside this, a project to enhance the look and feel of Harrisons Crossing also took place with the result of a much more open and more station like feel.   The former signal box was painted to enhance the look and feel too.

Track work was also under-taken but, as the evening drew in, it was decided to leave the track repairs until the next work party.

Elsewhere, the great technical minds of the LTMR have been taking care of the locos and two new controllers have been made following our very wet yet successful open weekend in September.

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