November 2018 Workparty

As the long winter nights draw in, time always seems to be against the volunteers of the LTMR. ┬áIt’s a fight against the clock to ensure the work we want to carry out is completed in time.

A good turn out on what began as a particularly cold and wet day saw some more important modifications to one of our locos, Sarah Siddons.  She has recently had a very careful examination and internal overhaul from senior members of the LTMR team.

Elsewhere, Ealing End station received some much needed attention.  At the end of the line, Ealing End has slowly been transforming over the past year.  Work was done to remove a small wasps nest which hampered us towards the end of the summer.  The ground was levelled and the area given a more ‘station’ feel in keeping with other stations on the LTMR.

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