Resident Loco’s and Coaches

Meet the resident locos and rolling stock which reside at the LTMR.  If you come down for a visit, these are the ones you’re most likely to see out on our railway.

Sarah Siddons (No. 12)

Donated to the museum in 2005 specifically for use on the LTMR, Sarah Siddons is a battery-electric model of a Metropolitan-Vickers electric locomotives as used on the Metropolitan railway between 1922 and 1961.

Michael Faraday (No. 18)

Like Sarah Siddons, Michael Faraday, is a battery electric Metrovick Locomotive; previously a regular guest, but was donated to the Railway in 2017. (Photo: S Trower)

Metropolitan Coaches

Built by Aristocraft, these two bogie coaches arrived at the LTMR in February 2007.
They are finished in Metropolitan Railway livery to match the ‘Metro-Vick’ locos and are equipped with vacuum braking.

Metropolitan Railway Pullman Cars

Built by Little Western, these two coaches arrived at the LTMR in June 2016.
The Metropolitan Railway arranged for the famous Pullman Car Company to operate two saloon carriages on services Between London and Verney Junction, Aylesbury and Chesham. They were the first electrically hauled Pullman carriages in Europe. They were named Mayflower and Galatea.

4-wheel Driving Truck

Built by Mike Dickinson in 2008, this riding truck is usually used with Sarah Siddons. It was supplied with a handbrake and has recently been retrofitted with vacuum braking equipment. (Photo: M Scrutton)

Bogie Driving Truck

This driving truck was purchased for the LTMR in 2014, primarily for use with Michael Faraday. It features braking on all wheels, and the open wagon design and removable seats also make it useful for carrying tools and water containers around the railway. (Photo: D Bullions)

London Transport Coaches

These coaches arrived on the railway in the spring of 2019.  More information on them will appear here soon.