Signalling is important for safe operation on any railway with more than one train in use, and the LTMR is no exception. 
Formerly, the line was signalled from a signal cabin housing a signalling frame taken from Holborn station.

The earlier signals were made using repeaters recovered from full-size signalboxes, with hoods made out of plastic tube. The signals were controlled by a single operator using a switch panel at the north end of Depot Approach station, this control then passed to the levers in our signal cabin. Shunt signals were made with signalbox track circuit repeaters. 

At present, all of the loop points are spring-operated, with the points to sidings planned to be operated by a motor. The motor was made especially for the railway, using a car window-winder motor, and has a spring override (so that in an emergency the points can be trailed in the wrong direction) and separate detector switches for indication and interlocking purposes.

The long term intention is for the railway to be fully signalled once again, with the prospect of being able to demonstrate London Undergrounds ATO (automatic train operation) as well.

As of July 2019 the LTMR currently has a temporary automatic signalling system installed. This system uses a combination of track circuits and axle counters to control access to the single line sections. We hope to see improvements to the system over the coming months.

This signalling project is ongoing.